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PSP (Large Steam Strilizer)

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PSP (Large Steam Strilizer)



The new    S series sterilizers are equipped  with  2 independent units one for cycle automatic management and one for functions control. Graphic touch screen monitors provide all information about sterilization process in real time monitoring with both graphic and alphanumeric data, all possible alarms and malfunctions. Programming access directly on site from control panel with specific password required.

Built in standard automatic programs EN285 are: POROUS load,  RUBBER load, METAL INSTRUMENTS load. CONTAINER load, LIQUID and PHYSIOLOGIC SOLUTIONS load ( on request ). Other  11 open programs available for custom  made  modifications.  Special programs  should  be installed during  unit production at factory or on site during installation.

All personalized programs should be protected with specific password.   Diagnostic programs available as  Bowie & Dick and Vacuum test for testing air removal from load and seal of sterilization chamber.

Built in ethernet door for external PC connection allows end user to download internal memory with STERI SERV software supervision.  It's  possible  to  save and  print  all  data  from hospital database.

With  compatible   software  it's  possible   to   manage  the process  of  registration  and  traceability  of  surgical instruments.

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