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PSP-CBM ( Class b dentistary autoclaves)

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PSP-CBM ( Class b dentistary autoclaves)


SST sterilizers a new complete line of small steam sterilizers .

C.B.M. has merged its own experience in steam sterilization and  its stainless steel manufacturing know-how, into a new line of bench top  autoclaves conforming to EN13060.

SST sterilizers have   a  smooth,  clean and  minimal  design with the latest microprocessor technology.

SST sterilizers have  been designed for easiness, reliability and durability.

In other words SST sterilizers respect our main focus...



High quality materials used in will assure an incredible resistance.

The frame and  the external  chassis are manufactured entirely in Aisi 304 Stainless Steel .

The front panels are manufactured in impact and heat resistant techno polymer enameled with a special patented paint resistant to scratches, detergents and disinfectants.


SST sterilizers sterilization chambers, 17 and  23 lts, are   manufactured entirely  in Aisi 304 Stainless Steel  and are deep drawn in a seamless piece.

The absence of welding allows the reduction of chamber mass, reducing dramatically the waste of electric heating energy.

The special treatment of the chamber surfaces prevents water stains and improves the easiness in cleaning.

SST sterilizers are equipped with an automatic motorized door closing system.

The new door system has been designed in order to eliminate the user effort.

The door  is fully closed  only during the sterilization cycle.

The safety control system avoids door opening if there  is pressure in the chamber.


SST sterilizers are equipped with a wide 5.7” Touch screen display.

The user friendly interface guides the operator with simple icons and explaining messages.

The wide and bright display assures a correct visibility in all ambient.

All the main devices are mounted in an easy access way in the front panel.

SST sterilizers are equipped with an integrated USB port and USB pen drive for recording and traceability of the cycles.

SST220 and SST170 are supplied with integrated thermal printer.

Through the front panel, demineralized water can be automatically loaded and used water, collected in the separate tank, can be drained.

Sterilizers are provided with a system for the evaluation of the demineralized water quality and a connection for the direct feeding from an external demineralizer.

As requested by the EN13060, in case of poor water quality, the operator will be immediately advised by a message.

SST sterilizers are equipped with a powerful cooling sy- stem.  Thanks to a double fan fresh air is always circulating into the chassis. This system prevents failures and damages caused by sterilizer overheating.

As we know that “clean device last longer”, SST sterilizers are equipped by an easy accessible filtration unit.

SST sterilizers control system is provided with different apps for the reduction of electricity consumption.

stand-by app  will reduce the electricity waste during  non-using phases.

SST sterilizers are equipped with a steam generator that,  while assuring the best steam quality, reduces the amount of water used per cycle.


SST sterilizers are    equipped with a powerful vacuum pump that assures the performances of the air removal system through fractionated vacuum.

SST sterilizers are    provided with an intelligent drying mode called ECO Drying that automatically evaluates the load volume and decides the correct drying time. The ECO Drying reduces dramatically the total cycle time and reduces the electricity consumption as well.

The P.I.D. control system assures the maximum accuracy and “Automatic Evaluation System” controls the achieving of the EN13060 requirements in every cycles.