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STERIS (Washer Disinfector Detergent and Chemistries)

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STERIS (Washer Disinfector Detergent and Chemistries)


Instrument Cleaning Chemistries

Experience a more complete clean with surgical instrument cleaning chemistry solutions from STERIS. Our full line of instrument reprocessing chemistries includes:

·         Point-of-use solutions

·         Manual cleaning chemistries

·         Automated washing chemistries

·         Descalers & neutralizing detergents

STERIS offers a wide range of cleaning chemistries to cover all your reprocessing needs!

Automated Washing and Dosing Solutions

Exceptional for automated washing. The Prolystica family of concentrated chemistries works together to clean and protect your instruments while helping toprotect your staff and the environment. Each patented formula is made with technology for superior cleaning that's fast and flexible.