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Prolystica® 2X Concentrate Alkaline Detergent

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Prolystica® 2X Concentrate Alkaline Detergent


Prolystica 2X Concentrate Alkaline Detergent, available in 2.5 gallon, 5 gallon and 15 gallon, is designed for use in automated washing. It can be used in ultrasonics, washer/disinfector units and automated mechanical washers for processing appropriate medical devices including surgical instruments.




2X concentrate

More uses per container;  less inventory

Effective detergent system

Removes blood, fat, mucus and other hard to remove soils

Safe alkalinity level

No need for an acid rinse

Instrument protection

Maintains instruments and prolongs washer life

Chelating and sequestering agents

Exceptional cleaning over a broad range of water quality

Low foaming

Easy to rinse

Maintains pump pressure and arm movement

Maximizes washer impingement and cleaning efficiency

Biodegradable chemistries

Meets sustainability objectives