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Mobile Hospitals

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Mobile Hospitals


Vannin Healthcare’s (VHC) specifications outlines for a Modular Mobile Hospital (MMFH) Solution, the answer to Environmental and Disaster Care. The MMFH is a component of our extensive range of Hospital Turnkey solutions.

VHC works in a Global Healthcare partnership with AS Great Bentley (ASGB) design and is rated as one of the highest specifications in the market. As an addition the combination of Medical and Coach Building experience, with the latest Medical Devices solutions is unique in the industry.

The Global presence in over 65 Countries, including AS Great Bentley’s Broadcasting division, confirms our leading market position.

Non-Medical segment: Hospitality (F1 Ferrari) and Outside Broadcasting (OB) Modular Trailers Vannin HC – AS Great Bentley Partnership

Clinical Application Areas

 Emergency support for humanitarian or Military purposes

  Serving outreach communities

  Additional capacity as required

  Permanent solution joined to existing building

Suitable for

  Day surgery and recovery

  Emergency triage

  Medical assessment

  Renal dialysis




  Fully customised in line with the end users wishes

  Fitted with hydraulic rams/jacks to facilitate easy loading and unloading from an Optional flat-bed Low-Loader trailer

  Ready to use within 1 to 2 hours

  Can be connected to a modular theatre to form a surgical hospital unit

  Global application

  Complete clinical environment built to exceed UK and International standards

  HEPA filtered grade C air change system

  Bed-head system with oxygen, vacuum and Examination lights

  Clean, dirty utilities and Changing rooms