Activity in import :

This company has acquired an exclusive dealership of the best American, European, and Asia brands in the field of medical  equipment in the CSSD department (medical equipment and washing machines, antiseptic solution, possibly hospital waste)

Radiotherapy devise during  electron  surgery  (IOeRT)

Portable fluoroscopic device  (G-Arm)

Portable   sonography  and   echocardiography

Automatic External Defibrillator  (AED)

Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation  (CPR)

Mobile hospitals, Robotic pharmacies, and field tents have been able to operate in the Iranian market of medical goods and services for more than 15  years.

Export of medical equipment:

Due to the importance of export and based on success in the field of domestic production, Which has gradually gone through its complementary process and with continuous consultation with its trading partners in the current period, specifically in obtaining the necessary license (CE) to sell the device.

Plasma has been developed in Europe and the United States. Due to the valuable technology of this device, which is one of the advance medical industries and due to the market needs in both Canada and Italy, the usual measures are being taken, we hope that thanks to God, the process will be good.


Export Product List

Low Temperature Plasma

Sterilizer for potentially infectious healthcare waste