More Capacity !


A thick carbon steel structure supports the two crushers which operate in series so as to obtain a final crushed waist size according to the project data.
A loading hopper into which the elevators dump the waste is positioned on the first crusher. It is composed of four tilted AISI 304 stainless steel panels joined to each other by continuous welding and two safety flaps on the two inspection sides. The inlet dimensions are approximately 3270 x 1560 mm.
The waste moves from the first to the second crusher by gravity through a steel duct with sight glasses. Again by gravity, the crushed waste outgoing from the second crusher converges in the collection hopper at the lower end of which is a flange-mounted extraction screw.
The structure is fitted with a walkway of suitable dimensions for inspection and maintenance of the various pieces of equipment: one of these walkways contains the panel and crusher control unit, which for technical reasons must be placed in the immediate vicinity of the crushers.
For all the information on the crushers, refer to the relevant attachments.