High Frequency Mobile DR System

SkanMobile DR Single Sheet CURVED REV 1.cdr

Scan Mobile DR is a light weight mobile unit powered with kw,100mAs High frequency generator for high quality X-Ray imaging.

scan mobile has an integrated tube head working on a DSP-based dual-processor computation mode for “on the fly” control. The 200kHz switching combined with sub-microsecond error correction rate ensures highly stable X-Rays. The Anatomical programmed Radiography (APR) feature with two-step manual mode makes operation intuitive and simple. An ultra-lightweight mobile X-Ray unit perfectly balanced to move around anywhere in the hospital; through a ramp or in the lift. The stability is ensured through a unique design and a well-balanced tube-head and ergonomically designed to suit different bed heights. The vertical and horizontal swing of the tube-head enables X-Ray of any anatomy within limited space.