CSSD Services

Providing services, consulting and construction of medical departments, emergency , mobile and fixed prefabricated hospitals, mobile chemotherapy departments and specialized clinics.

Mobile Health Services

Providing after-sales services to hospitals around the country in the field of hospital waste disposal

Imaging Products Services

Disinfectants and disinfect products play the important role.

IOeRT Services

Providing emergency and cardiac resuscitation services

After-sales service for hospitals around the country in CSR departments that including autoclave, medical machine wash, and plasma sterilizer

Consult Services

Hospitals and mobile clinics with standard medical containers and trailers that have all the facilities and structures of hospitals and related facilities.

Medical Waste Services

Medical imaging is a technique of creating a visual representation of the body in vivo for clinical analysis.

Disinfection Services

IOeRT radiotherapy equipment is one of the essential cancer treatments.

Emergency Services