Low-temperature GAS Plasma H2O2 Sterilizer

More Advanced !


Advanced plasma technology and versatility to meet your growing sterilization needs.

Plasma technology has updated in various fields by update the new technologies. Nowadays, using of plasma system in therapeutic methods is one of the most widely used systems. Reducing time and temperature with this sterile method has caused to reduce the use of equipment disinfectants. Plasma sterilizers manufactured by Pars Sinuhe Pad company with a powerful vacuum pump and accurate sensors in measuring the pressure inside the chamber can sterilize the temperature sensitive equipment with one millimeter diameter and a length of three meters and all equipment including sets (endoscopy, laparoscopy, angiography, etc.). HSE standard observation in the cartridge system production and lack of user’s hand contact with oxygenated ‎solution are the advantages of this system. PLC system and strong software for easy use and higher accuracy are the other capabilities of this system, too.