Cardiovascular Ultrasound System

Lambda P9


The new wave in cardiovascular ultrasound

Whale Imaging Inc. is a high-tech medical device manufacturer headquartered near Boston, MA, USA. With a deep understanding of their needs, we produce high-quality and optimal value for our customers. The whale is enjoying rapid expansion in the USA and other markets.

Whale imaging has two main product portfolios in portable ultrasound; P5 and P9

Because we work closely with specialists like yourself we understand that you need to both optimize your capabilities and utilize your resources in the most efficient way. Born out of our Boston R&D labs, the Sigma P5 and Lambda P9 portable ultrasound system combines quality and value, providing you with great portable ultrasound equipment at a surprisingly affordable price. Backed by our 5-year system warranty and comprehensive support package, it provides you with capability and peace of mind.